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Yacht Charter

From its ancient seafaring past and the mythical heroes that sailed from its shores to its current status as the world’s top shipping nation, Greece is a country defined by its eternal intimacy with the sea — and the sea is the only way to truly experience what Greece is all about.


Allure’s luxury yacht charter service invites you to dive into an exclusive world of luxury living and endless possibilities.


To discover stunning remote coves, pristine beaches and hidden gems. And above all, to experience the intoxicating freedom of sailing the seas.

Charter a luxury yacht &
experience the magic of Greece

Perhaps you’re dreaming of a fabulous summer of island hopping in the Cyclades. Perhaps you want to celebrate your birthday with a weekend cruise in the Aegean for a dozen of your closest friends.


Maybe you’re simply looking to host a memorable corporate event or woo your clients. Or maybe you just want to arrive to dinner in style. Whatever your desire, we’ll make sure it comes true.


With an excellent range of options to choose from, from extravagant superyachts to luxury speedboats, our luxury private yacht charter service is a truly exclusive way to experience Greece and explore its thousands of islands — approximately 200 of them inhabited! — in unparalleled luxury, privacy and style.

To book your luxury yachting experience in Greece and beyond, contact our team with your requirements.

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