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Personal Shopping

Our personal shopping and gifting services take the work out of getting what you want, be that daily groceries, gifts or luxury goods.


Whatever you want, whenever you want it, our expert personal shoppers and stylists are at hand to source the objects you desire and assist you in realising your personal style.

What you want.  When you want it.

From complete holiday wardrobes to extraordinary red carpet looks, and from casual styles to haute couture, jewellery and designer accessories, we are here to help you enjoy effortless shopping experiences. We can plan exclusive sessions at your favourite boutiques or task our team with finding the perfect dress, summer suit, or swimwear to complete your holiday wardrobe.


We can also provide suitable gift recommendations for any occasion, from client gifts to lavish birthday presents and tasteful souvenirs for friends and family and can assist you with selecting and sourcing unique gifts that match your personal gifting style.


Not least, we can also take care of all your household shopping needs, from pre-arrival stocking and household essentials to scheduling regular grocery shopping and delivery to your property.

Saving you time for the things that are important

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