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Who we are

Allure Luxury Lifestyle Solutions is a travel and lifestyle services company based in Greece at:

Lykourgou 26

Glyfada 16675, Athens Greece  



Your information will be held by Allure Luxury Lifestyle Solutions and third parties who we cooperate with in order to provide our services.

This Privacy Notice is to let you know how we look after your information. This includes what you tell us about yourself, your privacy rights and how the law protects you.

Our Data Privacy Principles

Data Collection
We will only collect personal data in a lawful and fair way, for a purpose directly related to the services we provide to you. The data we collect will be relevant and not excessive.

Accuracy & Retention
We will ensure your personal data is accurate and not kept longer than is necessary.

Data Use
We will use your personal data for the purpose for which it is collected or for a directly related purpose.


Data Security
We will safeguard your personal data from unauthorised or accidental access, processing, erasure, loss or misuse.


We will advise you of your rights and how your data is used in a transparent manner.


Data Access & Correction
We will allow you access to your personal data and make corrections if it is inaccurate.



Personal Data

Information is considered as Personal Data when it relates to a living person and can be used to identify that person and where it exists in a form in which access or processing is practicable.

Types of Personal Data we process include:

  • name

  • address / IP Address

  • telephone number

  • email address

  • nationality, passport, visa or other government -issued identification data

  • credit card details


Legal Protections

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sets out detailed requirements on collecting, storing and managing personal data.

Data Protection laws say we are allowed to use personal information only if we have a proper reason to do so. This includes sharing it with other Third Parties where there are one or more of the following reasons:

  • To fulfil a contract we have with you

  • When it is our legal duty

  • When it is in our legitimate interest

  • When you consent to it

Use of your personal information

We are allowed to use personal information only if we have a proper reason to do so, this is known as ‘legitimate interest’ and means that we have a business or commercial reason to use the information and it must not conflict unfairly with your interests). We may also rely on your explicit consent to your data being used via an electronic consent box.

You can withdraw your consent at any time. If you withdraw your consent, we may not be able to provide you with certain services. You also have the ‘Right to Object’ to us keeping or using your personal information.

Your personal information may be used by in a number of ways including but not limited to:

  • to provide the product and services that you request

  • to respond to queries or complaints

  • to collect payment from you

  • to train our staff


We may use your personal information for additional purposes related to the purposes listed above. We will not use your personal information other than for:

  • a purpose made known to you

  • a purpose directly related to the original purpose

  • a purpose required by law

  • a purpose otherwise authorised by you


We may share your personal information with Third Parties we cooperate with to offer our services, for example with agents, suppliers and advisers.  

Use of our web site

We will collect some information from you when you visit our website. Your use of the facilities and services available through the website will determine the amount and type of information that we will collect about you. Some of this information will not be personal information because it will not reveal your identity.

The only personal information which we collect about you when you use the website is what you tell us about yourself; for example, by completing an online form such as an application form or by asking for a disclosure document for our products or by sending us an email. We will record your email address if you send us an email.


When you visit our website, our server places small pieces of data known as ‘cookies’ on your hard drive. Cookies are pieces of information that are transferred to your computer when you visit a website for record-keeping purposes.

We may use cookies to provide us with aggregate (anonymous) information on how people use our website and to help us know what our customers find interesting and useful in our website. We do not link this information back to other information that you have provided to us nor provide it to other third parties for marketing purposes.

Most Web browsers are set to accept cookies. However, if you do not wish to receive any ‘cookies’ you may set your Web browser to refuse cookies. Only necessary cookies are used by us to run our site. You consent to these cookies by using our website.

Storage and security of information

We will take reasonable steps to protect personal information from loss, misuse, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.


Data outside the EEA

Where your personal data is held outside of the EEA, we make sure that it is protected to the same extent as in the EEA by the following safeguards:

  • Ensuring that the privacy laws give equivalent protection as the EEA affords to data

  • Put in place a contract with the recipient that means they must protect it to equivalent standards as the EEA


Tailoring products, services and marketing

We may use your personal information to make decisions about what products, services and offers we think you may be interested in.

We can only use your personal or business information to send marketing messages if we have consent or a ‘legitimate interest’. By ‘legitimate interests’ we mean that we have a business or commercial reason to use your information, and it must not conflict unfairly with your interests.

We may place the business in groups with similar clients. These are called client segments. We use these to study and learn about our clients’ needs, and to make decisions based on what we learn. This helps us to design products, services, marketing and offers and to manage our client relationships.


You can contact us at any time and ask us to stop using your information this way.


We may show or send your business marketing material online (on our own and other websites including social media), in our app, by email or mobile phone. We do not sell the information we have to outside organisations.


We may ask you to confirm or update these choices, if you take out any new products or services with us in future. We will also ask you to do this if there are changes in the law, regulation, or the structure of our business.

Company mergers and takeovers

We reserve the right to share your personal information if the make-up of Allure Luxury Lifestyle Solutions changes in the future:


We may choose to sell, transfer, or merge parts of our business and during such a process, we may share data with other parties involved. We will only do this if they agree to keep it confidential and secure and use this data in the same way as set out in this notice.


Data Access

You have the right to access your personal data, free of charge. If you request a copy of the personal data being processed related to you, we will provide this in an accessible format, within a one-month time frame.

In the event that we refuse you access to your personal information, we will provide you with an explanation for that refusal. These reasons may include:

  • an unreasonable impact on the privacy of other individuals

  • the information relates to legal proceedings involving you

  • the information would reveal sensitive decision-making process

  • we are prevented by law from disclosing the information or providing access


Data Correction

If you believe that your personal data is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate, you have the right to have it rectified or completed without undue delay. You must advise of which data is incorrect and we will notify any data recipients that the personal data has been changed or deleted.


Data Portability

When processing is based on your consent or a contract, you can ask for personal data to be transmitted to another company. This is known as the right to data portability.

Data Erasure

You can also ask us to delete, remove, or stop using your personal information if there is no need for us to keep it. This is known as the ‘right to be forgotten’.

We will delete or stop using your data unless there are legal or other official reasons why we need to keep or use your data.


Period of Retention

We will keep your personal information as long as you are our client. After you stop being a client, we will keep your personal information for seven years to obey rules that apply to us about keeping records. We may also keep your data for longer than seven years if we cannot delete it for legal reasons.


Changes to our Privacy Policy

We may make changes to this Data Privacy Notice from time to time and will update our website in a timely manner.

Contacting us about data privacy

If you have any questions or want more details about any of the topics in this Privacy Notice or how we use your personal and business information, you can call us on +30 694 144 9434.

If you have concerns about any breach or potential breach of your privacy, please contact us and we will make every effort to resolve your complaint.

You can write to us at:

Responding to requests

Where we receive a request from you regarding data privacy we will respond to this request without undue delay and in any case within 1 month of receiving the request. Requests are dealt with free of charge.

If a request is rejected, then we will inform you of the reasons for doing so and of your right to file a complaint with the relevant Data Protection Authority.

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